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How do I Prepare For My First Art Therapy Session?

It’s normal to feel a little anxious or nervous in the run up to your first art therapy session, you might also be feeling excited as well. I have written a few notes below to highlight what you might expect from an art therapy session with me.

What will happen in my *art therapy session?
We will meet once a week and a session will last for up to 60 minutes, starting with a check in to see how you are and moving into art making. There will always be a range or art materials and paper made available which you will be invited to use. It is important to recognise that this is not an art lesson, or about making ‘perfect’ pieces of art. You don’t have to be an incredible artist or even interested in art, but you do need to be as open to the process as possible and have a willingness to try. I will guide you through your session and be led by you. We will always try to talk about the artwork created towards the end of each session before putting it safely away in your folder until the following week.

It can feel difficult opening up with someone that you don’t know and our first few sessions together will be about us getting to know one another and for you to feel as at ease as possible. After you have booked a session with me, its likely that we will have already been in contact with each other by phone or email. We will have already begun the conversations that will continue into your session. It is likely that we will focus this again within the first few sessions that we have together.
As a very rough guide, it is fairly common for individuals to have at least 12-14 art therapy sessions initially, with a review taking place after roughly 6 sessions. This structure can help us to keep your sessions focused, but you can of course have as many or as few sessions as feels right for you. Remember that the art therapist is there to guide you through the process.

*A Note about online art therapy sessions:
We will follow the same principles in an online session as a 1-1 art therapy session. We are likely to talk together by phone or email before the session and part of this will also be about finding out what art materials are available for you to use. We can meet via a variety of platforms, the most popular are Whats App and Skype, and sessions will last for up to an hour.
When we begin our sessions together, it is important that you are in an environment that feels safe to you. This might be a room where you can close the door, are unlikely to be interrupted and can speak freely. I will ask you to email me a copy/photograph or your artwork at the end of the session so that I can keep it safe with your notes.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or would like to enquire about art therapy session with me.